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FHBC is this week’s New SUB-PENNY Revenue Growth MONSTER! Must-See Chart inside..

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If the last week of trading has made you want to grab a drink –  you’re not alone.

And while Today’s New Alert may not exactly offer the right beverage to numb the pain, it could provide the type of thrilling Gains the Bulls have been thirsty for!

So grab your hat because the market winds may be about to change as we resume The Hunt for the Next 1,000% Gainer with a New SUB-PENNY Alert!


So if you didn’t guess from the puns above, FHBC operates in the Multi-Billion dollar Beverage Industry…but with a unique niche’ that has them quickly becoming a household name in many parts of the US.

While most large beverage companies focus on adult-marketed products, FHBC is capitalizing on a large, but often ignored segment of it of the industry – the Child and Pre-teen Market!

Now while this market is criminally under-served, it’s still projected to grow to a $146 BILLION Dollar market by 2025!!

FHBC has identified a growing trend among millenial parents who want healthier, natural, and less sugary beverage options for their children.

And this direction already appears to have paid off in a BIG way….

FHBC financials

In 2018, FHBC reported it’s Biggest Revenues to date….growing over 139% Year-over-Year.…all while DOUBLING 2017’s Profits!!

And while we’re still waiting for the final earnings numbers for 2019, it appears the company has so far continued it’s profitable trend!

Yet, even with phenomenal growth and earnings, FHBC continues to be CRIMINALLY Overlooked and Undervalued, trading at mere SUB-PENNY Prices with a Bottomed Chart!

But are the tides about to turn?  Let’s dig in….

If there’s one thing you can say about FHBC, it’s that its pretty reliable at these price levels.

In just the last year alone, FHBC has staged multiple rallies – though short-lived – from these very prices.

In fact, even as we zoom in on the chart below, we can see two 200%+ Rallies in just the last 2 months alone!


Needless to say, we’ll be watching for break of both the 50 and 200 Day Moving averages @ .0015 and .002, respectively, to confirm a New Bullish Breakout trend.

So with a 52 Week High of .0063 – a full 385% GAIN from today’s price –  could FHBC stage another BREAKOUT Rally off support levels?

Read on….

Fernhill Beverage, Inc. (FHBC) is a US beverage company that is engaged in developing and marketing low calorie and high vitamin beverage products with a focus on developing healthy products for children and pre-teens.

The company has identified the largely overlooked and underserved child & pre-teen market segment within the multi-billion dollar beverage industry.

WHY?  Most large beverage companies have chiefly ignored the youngest of the consumers. They feel there is more profit in getting the child market to purchase a more adult marketed product.

For instance: Most convenience stores will stock juice box products for young kids and expect them to eventually advance to a 20oz. soda or a 20oz. sports drink.

FHBC is concentrating on capturing that transition market with fun products that appeal to youth and have ingredients that appeal to adults.


ROADKILL/RK SUPER:   FHBC’s initial product offering and flagship brand is a beverage packaged in a very attractive 12oz. slim bottle that fits smaller hands perfectly. The label is bright and colorful. The label depicts cartoon animals that have lost a battle with vehicles.

roadkill   healthy

Roadkill is offered in exciting and fun flavors like Green Apple (Green Gopher Guts), Blue Raspberry (Blue Raccoon Bits) Grape (Purple Possum Parts), and more with 0 Calories, 0 Carbs, 0 Sugar, and packed with Vitamins – making it a fun and healthier alternative for parents to include in their child’s lunchbox!

FHBC also offers Roadkill XL-XF (Roadkill Extra Large, Extra Flat). While the original Roadkill has found an audience in the 8-14-year-old age category, Roadkill XL-XF will be targeted toward the 12-18-year-old market.

SUPER BUZZ ENERGY DRINK:  Acquired back in October, FHBC has secured 100% ownership of this popular Performance Drink brand – targeting the coveted 15-30 year-old demographic.

superbuzz The “New Age” brand is packaged in a 16oz. aluminum can featuring a Sci-Fi themed Character and a bright background demanding attention by the consumer.

Inside the very dynamic package is a juice-based blend of flavors and potent vitality ingredients such as L-Carnitine, Folic Acid, Vitamins, Ginseng and Taurine.

Currently, Super Buzz Energy Drink is being offered in an incredibly tasty Mango-Passionfruit with other versions ready for development.

FHBC feels the addition of this “Super-Premium” product will not only increase the Company’s top line revenues but will also increase the Company’s bottom line profits.

One of the most attractive aspects of this fledgling company is it’s aggressive expansion plans.  As I always say…You either grow or you die.

Last month, FHBC announced agreements that pave the way for distribution of it’s products in Europe!

I don’t need to tell you, opening the European market could have a TREMENDOUS impact on the company’s earnings and price per share!

FHBC has agreed to allow it’s brands to be imported into certain regions of Europe including parts of Great Britain, parts of Italy and parts of Germany.

But the company didn’t stop there….

Just a few days later, FHBC announced yet another distribution agreement giving them access to one of the nation’s largest states – TEXAS!

The company has agreed to an exclusive 2-year deal with an independent distribution network to represent and distribute RK Super throughout Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

The agreement allows the distribution network the exclusive rights to sell and market Fernhill Beverage, Inc. brands to every retail location within the geographic area excluding major National Grocery and Pharmacy locations. These locations include, but are not limited to, convenience stores, liquor stores, deli’s, neighborhood markets, etc.

FHBC will be delivering the first load of RK Super to Houston Tx on or before April 6, 2020, allowing ample time for marketing for the expected summer season.

If you haven’t caught on yet, FHBC is rare and unique situation.

How often do you come across a company with multi-million dollar revenues, profitable, growing, and trading at bottom barrel Sub-Penny prices!?

Needless to say, there may be NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW to consider FHBC while it trades at support levels – the very same support levels it has rallied from multiple times this year!

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