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Forget CBD…SPONF is our Game-Changing New SUB-PENNY Alert bringing *CBG* to the masses!


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As the US Election draws closer this November, the Cannabis Sector has certainly been heating up as it usually does around this time.

New States will be putting Marijuana Legalization on the ballot that could truly have a magnetic impact on the industry.

But unlike in the past, there has never been so many potential bargains in the sector.

Case in point?  Today’s New Alert!

This is a company with extraordinary marketing chops with plans to utilize them to introduce of a unique line of CBD products + the next big thing in the Cannabis arena….


SponsorOne Inc. (SPONF) is a company that utilizes its proprietary platform that combines digital marketing, wholesale and retail distribution, branding and operational & funding capital, giving it a competitive first mover advantage in rapidly building, launching and selling proprietary brands focused in the craft Alcohol, Functional Beverage and Cannabis Sectors.

But what’s brought SPONF to the forefront of the Cannabis Industry is it’s involvement in what many call the “Rolls Royce of Cannabinoids”.CBG!

So what is CBG?As the cannabis plant matures, CBGA, which is the acidic form of CBG (Cannabigerol), is converted by plant enzymes. From the amounts of CBGA that are not converted, CBG is formed through decarboxylation.

Unlike CBD and THC, CBG gives no intoxicating effects – yet can be used to treat everything from glaucoma to inhibiting tumor growth to inflammartion.

The largest stumbling block to CBG’s realization as a common therapeutic treatment is the cost of its production. CBG is thought to be one of the most expensive cannabinoids to produce. [Read More]

However, CBG is still rapidly emerging as the next type of cannabinoid that will be researched, developed and possibly put into thousands of mainstream products. It could revolutionize the cannabis industry and those who learn about it now could stand to reap the “early bird” benefits.

SPONF wants to be among the first to deliver branded products using this Game-Changing ingredient to the masses!

Chewables, dissolvable tablets, beverages, beauty and wellness products…it’s all being developed with CBG!

And once SPONF’s products are ready for prime time, the company will utilize it’s team of expert in-house marketers to blow it up to a global audience via its platform of influencers!

Influencers have disrupted the marketing industry as consumers look to them to make many buying decisions.  So much so, that the influencer marketing industry is on track to be worth up to $15 BIL by 2022!

Did you know that 40% of Twitter users say they made a purchase as a direct result of a tweet from an influencer?

With CBG quickly on its way to becoming an explosive component of the Multi-BIL dollar Cannabis Market + influencer marketing on the rise, SPONF could truly be the most Under-the-Radar and Undervalued plays on the market right now!

Not to mention, it’s got an Insanely-Low Float of just 68 MIL Shares (roughly $474k at the current price!) all while trading at bargain-bin SUB-PENNY prices!

Needless to say…we could have a runner on our hands!!

So let’s take a gander at this chart…

Relatively new to the US Markets as of March, SPONF could not have hit the Street at a worse time.

Although it made quick All-Time Highs to .09 in May, the effects of the global pandemic took it’s toll on the Cannabis Sector, and SPONF – a new and vulnerable stock – was not spared either and saw a slow decline to Sub-Penny prices.

But with much in development nearing fruition + the prospect of New States Legalizing in the November Elections (only 2 months away) – could an imminent rally be in the cards?  Take a look…


SPONF now finds itself in a Descending Triangle Pattern nearing its apex which essentially means this will have to choose a direction fairly soon.

Keep in mind: A rally back to All-Time Highs of .09 would give traders up to 1,204% GAINS from the current price!!

So what could prompt another epic rally?  Read on…

SPONF is a up-and-coming leader in the next evolution of digital marketing through social media influencers, storytelling and digital-commerce with the SponsorCoin platform and its highly scalable — smart campaigns and digital-currency.

Essentially, the company “Makes Small Brands Big”.

Combined, this allows brands to build and manage exclusive and highly engaged communities of influencers (from pro to nano-influencers) within the social realm.

According to the company’s latest press release, SPONF is now exclusively using their powerful marketing arm to fuel their own brands.

The company will develop its own proprietary brands across multiple industries and all will benefit from the efficiency of its shared technology platform: SponsorsOne.


At the center of SPONF’s brand offering is GO Nutraceuticals.

GO and its team has spent the last 5 years developing an all-natural single step infusion process to combine certain of the healthiest botanicals into a raw – whole plant oil product. No chemicals, no heat, no alteration of the natural plant creates an oil “The way mother nature intended”.

By preserving the acid (CBDA, CBGA, THCA) contained in the hemp plant, maximum efficacy is experienced as the body’s endocannabinoid system can absorb all 120 cannabinoids in their natural state.

oilwater chewables

Since it’s inception, the brand has expanded to include CBD Oil, CBD and CBG Chewables and Dissolvable Tablets, and GO Water – the first of its kind with a whole plant extraction, all 120 cannabinoids.. Water soluble, not taste no smell just pure spring water.

SPONF continues to work on the brand design for bringing this new water soluble electrolyte product to market. Combinations and concentrations of up to 9 electrolytes will create a new health category of high bioavailability for vitamins and electrolytes. Some of the product lines in development for the Immune Boost brand are Sleep, Recover, Prepare and Energize.

SPONF recently launched a line of flavored, chewable tablets delivering a 20mg dose of CBG, has now added a CBG sublingual dissolving tablet that delivers 10mg in a very small 6mm size also produced by GO Nutraceuticals. Sublingual dissolving tablets are placed under the tongue triggering much higher bioavailability which results in faster absorption into the body.

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said: “Oral dissolving CBG tablets are one of the more unique offerings in our solid oral dose line. At 10mg and only 6mm round, the tiny size tablet melts perfectly in the mouth without the need for digestion.

Oral dissolving tablets are new to the cannabis industry, but they are showing great potential. The product is easy and enjoyable to consume, the deliveries are small, and it tastes great.

But it is not only our delivery system that is the key here, it is fact that we are utilizing CBG, which as we have said before, has been shown to possess enormous therapeutic promise, and has been called the holy grail of cannabinoids.

We have taken the knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and applied it to natural extracts to create the next innovative wave of cannabis deliveries. We believe this will help us separate the company from others in the market and will increase revenues and bring value to our shareholders.”

SPONF and GO Nutraceuticals are planning a major launch nationally in the USA by the end of this year and plans to expand its operations and product offering internationally in 2021.


As we said, SPONF is quite a diverse company! And their ambition in the CBD/CBG space has taken them to two very lucrative product categories:  Beauty and Wellness + Craft Spirits!

As per the company’s most recent update:

“Our Full Entourage Beauty line, focused on the “Full Entourage Effect” which will contain a staggering 120+ cannabinoids present in the products in this line, restorative beauty products will be an exciting new category with CBGA and CBDA dominant products. Brand creation and product design is underway and we expect to announce late 2020 the go to market lineup of products.”

“Craft Spirit Market: Investigations are still underway on how best to enter the marketplace with items that are outpacing traditional categories. We are looking to develop the world’s best private brands in the industry, including Vodka, Bourbon and hard seltzer with a touch of wellness by infusing the line with electrolytes. We are targeting first quarter of 2021. Our initial conversations with large distributors and retailers have been incredibly positive.”

Situations like this don’t come very often!

SPONF could potentially revolutionize the Cannabis industry by making the first big push of CBG branded products into the mainstream!

“This is an exciting new product that will build offered direct to consumer and through wholesale-retail distribution in the USA,” states Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne.

“CBG’s unique property has enormous therapeutic promise, making it a subject of great interest for researchers and consumers alike”.

And considering the company’s new Marketing and Branding Division has worked with heavyweights like Nike, Fossil, W Hotels, Pepsi, BOOST Mobile, and Timberland – SPONF’s branded CBD and CBG products a household name….and FAST!

All this and more is why this stock is so utterly attractive at bottom barrel SUB-PENNY Prices.

The potential of this company is UNLIMITED and once they launch before years end and begin to capitalize on their ground-breaking products — we may never see Sub-Penny prices again!

And with a Low-Float + over 1,200% UPSIDE, that time may come sooner than expected….

So make sure you put SPONF on your screen RIGHT NOW and Follow on Twitter for Updates + Play-by-Play!

Good Trading,


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