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TWOH is our New SUB-PENNY Alert – back to kick-off Fall & take on Instacart!


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Today we kick-off another Explosive Fall Season with one of the most exciting companies on the market Today trading at mere SUB-PENNY prices!

Now in case you haven’t traded a Sub-Penny before, these are stocks that are trading below .01 and many have a tendency to catch fire and make big moves quickly due to their ultra-low price.

And Today’s New Alert may be no different!

This is a past-winning stock that has seen at least THREE Triple-Digit Gaining Rallies in just the last 2 months alone and in the midst of yet another potential BREAKOUT as I write!

And that’s because the Street is completely hot on what this company is doing and the Sector it’s in.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Food Delivery apps from DoorDash (NYSE: DASH) to Uber Eats (NYSE: UBER) to GrubHub/Shipt (NYSE: GRUB) saw record food deliveries and RECORD GROWTH over the course of the Pandemic.

Popular grocery delivery company, Instacart sold $700 MIL worth of groceries per week in the first two weeks of last April. This was an amazing increase of 450% from December that required hundreds of thousands of more workers to keep up with the overwhelming demand!


As millions of people shelter at home, demand for grocery delivery has exploded, with an estimated one-third of shoppers buying groceries online, according to a survey. And no one expects this trend to change…

42% of American shoppers and 43% of Europeans said the COVID-19 crisis had changed their food and beverage purchasing habits, according to a Bazaarvoice survey.

And while lockdown rules may have been relaxed in the US, it is still present in many other countries, including our neighbor to the north – Canada.

Seizing on this opportunity is Today’s New Alert – a company looking to dominate the food delivery scene in Canada and is already making it’s mark in it’s largest city of Toronto!


Two Hands Corporation (TWOH) is a custom application development company with proven numerous technological competencies in digital technologies.


At focus is GOCART.CITY – a division of TWOH is an online grocery delivery marketplace that services the Greater Toronto Area. They curate and deliver the freshest produce and specialty foods in Southern Ontario.

We are in a new evolutionary stage of grocery shopping and Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) could see it’s Biggest year yet in 2021!

So could another BREAKOUT be imminent?  Let’s check the charts….

There’s no denying TWOH has been quite the moneymaker for traders this year.

In just the last 2 months alone, TWOH has managed THREE Triple-Digit Rallies as you can see on the chart below…

Now in the midst of another rally with multiple BULLISH signals, could a move back to 52-week highs and beyond be IMMINENT?  Take a look…


As you can see above, TWOH is currently on it’s third Bullish run in the last 2 months as it makes higher highs and our 50 and 200 Day Moving Average near convergence.

Top that off with our RSI Indicator now trending in the POWER ZONE (not oversold or overbought) and our MACD Indicator crossing the 0.0 level CONFIRMING Bullish Divergence and we may have a recipe for a continued run!

Keep in mind, a return to 52 Week Highs of .0097 gives TWOH up to 142% UPSIDE POTENTIAL!

On our side are FOUR BUY/BULLISH Ratings:

buy currently gives TWOH it’s top rating of “STRONG BUY” on the Daily chart! currently gives TWOH a “BUY” Rating! currently gives TWOH a “STAY LONG” Rating currently gives TWOH a “BULLISH” Rating

So what could take this rally to the next level? Read on….

2020-2021 were banner years for TWOH.

Pivoting out of the Cannabis industry, the company introduced it’s new division, GOCART.CITY, an innovative service that delivers fresh produce and groceries to your door in Canada.


Toronto residents have been in lockdown since November.

In January, expanded its delivery areas to help serve communities that were unable to receive grocery delivery. In addition to their current delivery areas: Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Georgetown, and more.

Consumers in Ontario can shop’s wide selection of items including fresh and high quality produce, meat, frozen goods, bakery and pastry, gluten-free organic items, and much more at or using the Android or iOS app. The online grocery retailer offers quick delivery, free shipping over $25, and great prices on everyday items with no price markups or hidden fees.


The demand for home deliveries of groceries has exploded in recent months, and GoCart aims to satisfy the fast-growing demand.

GoCart offers timely, next day, deliveries, unlike many company’s, which offer limited options, GoCart offers anything from specialty products to food staples—straight to your door.

Recently rolling out Saturday deliveries, TWOH’s GoCart operates 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm on your selected delivery day. GoCart is already equipped to handle deliveries to many neighborhoods, and that’s just the beginning….

GoCart Saves Time

The average person spends about 130 hours a year at the grocery store— about 2.5 hours per week. The average time spent on a weekly online grocery shop is 15 minutes. Do the math…

GoCart Saves Money

Now we can’t talk time without talking money. About 20% of people believe that shopping for groceries online definitely saves them money— in reality, the savings are probably much higher than many people realize.

Time is money. Not having to drive to the store several times a month can free up about $640 USD in extra productivity, give or take. When it comes to more concrete measurements, we save an extra $100 USD plus monthly by not paying for the extra gas or grabbing unnecessary impulse purchases.

GoCart Makes Eating Healthier Easier

With more data available than ever regarding what constitutes a healthy meal, people are now more health conscious than ever. This is probably why nearly 90 percent of Canadians cook dinner at home three or four times a week. And the top reason for not cooking at home? Canadians who don’t prepare their own meals claim they’re too busy.

Shopping for groceries online not only encourages busy people to cook at home, but it removes many of the temptations found at the store. Another added perk? You have more time to analyze nutrition labels, instead of feeling rushed to get through your list and get out.



TWOH is also behind the Two Hands Appa co-parenting app designed to make co-parenting easier and was built for parents that are separated/divorced who need a helping hand when it comes to managing life around their children.

After years of collaborating with fellow parents and co-parents, and through the help of their designers and programmers, “Two Hands” was conceived. Imagine having a tool that lets both father and mother have access to all of their children’s information, and appointments in ONE place.

“Two Hands” is accessed primarily through the web which makes it easier to connect to people and manage one or two households at the same time but the company has also made it possible for the application to be accessed from all kinds of devices such as smart phones.

Check out THIS VIDEO to get the full picture of this groundbreaking app for parents!

two hands gone

The Two Hands Gone app allows you to send encrypted text messages right from your phone, combining military-grade security, confidentiality, and privacy

Up until now, messaging app security has been weak. Before Two Hands Gone, all it took was having a tech savvy friend or watching some video tutorials to learn how to crack these apps.

With Two Hands Gone:
🔵  All text messages are asymmetrically encrypted
🔵  Safe with keys that only YOU own
🔵  Message Auto-Deletion after being read
🔵  No preview. You must click to view the message
🔵  Screen Capture disabled

TWOH is now in the process of expanding it’s GoMeal Kits selection which are essentially fully prepared meal kits by Executive Chef Grace Di Fede.

“GoMeal offer a variety of contemporary, nutritious quick and easy to follow recipes, with a focus on, local and imported ingredients.”, commented Executive Chef Grace Di Fede. “We are continually expanding our GoMeal selections and have added our new GoParent Kits designed for on the parents and kids On The GO.”

TWOH also announced it will be expanding it’s focus on two new segments of their business…

Grocery Originals: a brick-and-mortar retail experience that was recently launched in Mississauga, Ontario, fully equipped with a deli, cold storage, and a stone pizza oven. We will also be offering a wide variety of fresh and specialty meals curated by Corporate Executive Chef, Grace Di Fede.

Cuore Food Services: a food import and distribution brand that operates in a wide range of channels including food service, retail chains, hotels, and restaurants. Core offerings from Cuore range from Italian themed oils, pastas, sauces, to dry packed goods, to exclusive wines, coffees, and desserts.

if you don’t believe there is a true paradigm shift in the works regarding the way people shop…FORGET THIS EMAIL.

But if you believe the next evolution of shopping, especially for groceries, will continue to be done online….TWOH MUST NOT BE IGNORED!

With the company rapidly expanding throughout the Toronto Metro area and Ontario + moving to 7 Day/week deliveries to due demand….

TWOH could be the single most important stock you’ll ever watch at SUB-PENNY prices!!

So with a BULLISH CHART coiling, Multiple BUY/BULLISH Ratings and TRIPLE DIGIT UPSIDE, make sure you put TWOH on your screen RIGHT NOW and Follow on Twitter for Updates + Play-by-Play!

Good Trading,


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