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There’s a storm on the horizon – and no, it has nothing to do with the weather!

Canada is just a mere MONTHS away from Legalizing Recreational Marijuana, as soon as this Summer!

And as we approach the November 2018 Midterm Elections, States like New Jersey, Vermont, Ohio, Michigan, and more may look to put Full Legalization on the ballot. 


This will NEVER happen again.  There will NEVER be another Banned Substance made legal on this scale, creating a future TRILLION Dollar Global Market.

Yes, this Sector BOOM is ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME.

As they say, “The GREEN RUSH is ON”  and $12 BIL is up for Grabs as Canada Legalizes Cannabis!

This is why there may be NO BETTER TIME than Right Now to consider RVVQF (RavenQuest BioMed Inc)!

RavenQuest BioMed Inc. is a diversified publicly traded Cannabis company with divisions focused upon cannabis production, management services & consulting and specialized research & development.

The company’s business model uniquely provides investors with the certainty of near-term revenue and the upside of production growth through newly-licensed production facilities.

New to the US Markets as of just last month, RVVQF presents a potential “GROUND FLOOR” Opportunity into the Red Hot Marijuana/Cannabis Sector!

This is achieved using a diversified FOUR PILLARS approach:



It is believed that the Canadian Federal government will grant 20% of all future Cannabis production to Indigenous Peoples.  So RVVQF has developed an indigenous-centered, end-to-end solution for Cannabis production and sale on sovereign land.

As part of these programs, the company provides sovereign nations with the technical know-how, staff resources, and financing opportunities in exchange for a percentage ownership in the facilities. 

These partnerships could lead to a steady stream of positive announcements of new production licenses over the coming quarters as well as favorable taxation benefits – a huge advantage!

RVVQF has already engaged with an impressive list of prospective Indigenous Peoples partners and anticipates that many of these engagements will begin as simple service contracts to build facilities that evolve into partnerships with equity interests.

In fact, RVVQF has already hit the ground running with its recent partnership with Fort McMurray #468 First Nation!


Per the Agreement, the company will provide its expertise to deliver the technical know-how, staff resources, and financing opportunities as they relate to the development of the Production Facility, initially sized at 24,000 square feet (but is intended to be rapidly expanded to 250,000 sq ft!!). In consideration, RavenQuest will receive a 30% ownership interest in such a facility.


RVVQF’s recent deal with Fort McMurray #468 First Nation underscores the company’s ability to execute on its Indigenous Peoples’ agreements, as well as shows how the company’s four pillars work together.


RVVQF recently acquired 100% of Edmonton-based Alberta Green Biotech and is expected to complete the 35,500 square-foot facility by mid-2018. 

Alberta Green Biotech is in the final stages of acquiring its license to produce medical marijuana under the federal Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.

The company is dedicated to producing the finest quality products for patients suffering from chronic pain, seizures, nausea, anxiety, muscle spasms, insomnia and loss of appetite.

At capacity, the facility will produce 7,000 Kg of cannabis annually, a yield per square foot substantially higher than competitors. The Investment division will continuously add to its portfolio.

In March, RVVQF also announced the Acquisition of BLOOMERA – an Ontario-based producer of cannabis under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.

Bloomera currently holds a Health Canada License to Cultivate and will initially add approximately 2,000 kg of annual production of cannabis to RVVQF’s investment division and eventually expected to produce 4,000 kg!

Bloomera’s 20,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art indoor facility is located only 30km from downtown Toronto, in Markham, serving as a prime distribution hub to the east coast and Canada’s most populous market (Greater Toronto Area).

“The Bloomera acquisition accelerates our growth trajectory by at least six months as we begin to incorporate our revolutionary grow methodologies into production. This means we have presence with funded capacity in key provincial markets, nicely timed to coincide with the Cannabis Act becoming law of the land in Canada. Strategically Bloomera is a tremendous fit with RavenQuest.”

RVVQF expects to produce at least 11,000 kilograms of cannabis annually from these two facilities!


RVVQF’s business model provides immediate and increasing cash flow, which substantially limits the cash burn traditionally associated with early stage Cannabis companies. The company’s consultancy division carries a lengthy list of licensed and late-stage applicant clients.

Under this division, RVVQF will offer it’s proprietary ORBITAL GARDENING 2.0 Technology!

The RavenQuest OG2.0 (right) allows for production of large quantities of cannabis in smaller areas by maximizing the productivity of grow space and lighting.

The OG2.0 stacks three-high and two-wide. These six-stacks allow for “three-dimensional”, “cubic-foot” cannabis production, and is fully automated for minimal visits into the grow room.

This rotating garden system uses four 600-watt bulbs to result in eight pounds of yield per garden within eight weeks. That’s 1,500 grams per square foot, compared to the industry average of 130 grams per square foot!!!

Think of it as like a ferris wheel of cannabis slowly revolving around a strong grow light in the center.  How cool is that!!

The Orbital Gardening strategy is a part of what the company calls “Cannabis 2.0”, an environmentally friendly and entirely sustainable approach to growing. [Read More about this Technology]

RVVQF has entered into a Landmark Research Partnership with Canada’s top-ranked McGill University, prioritizing plant stabilization and the maximization of flower production in Cannabis plants. 

The work will be conducted through collaboration between two McGill laboratories and constitute a set of experiments that will increase scientific understanding of Cannabis genetics, breeding and production.

The Partnership will focus upon three key issues facing the cannabis industry:

1. Cannabis Cultivar Recognition & Identification
2. Cannabis Plant Stabilization
3. Cannabis Cultivation and Yield Improvements 

McGill’s doctor Donald Smith is a leading researcher and holds patented technologies related to enhanced plant yield.  The focus will be to maximize yield-per-square-foot for better efficiency, smaller environmental footprint and lower production costs per kg. 

This partnership with McGill is a HUGE Competitive Advantage for RVVQF as they anticipate superior yields, cost, and production through this research!

“In 2018, Canada will become only the second country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis. Safety starts with understanding the genetic/genomic basis of plant productivity and this partnership will contribute to build this knowledge,”